Iggo's insight - Be Responsible

The logic of responsible investing comes from its appeal “of doing the right thing”. If responsible investing reduces risks and contributes to better outcomes, then it is beneficial to individuals...

Multi-Asset Investments views – February 2020 – The market is climbing a wall of worry

We continue to overweight equities as positive developments (Central banks easing, Phase 1 Trade Deal signature, Brexit ) release some pressure and should allow global growth to navigate a soft...

AXA IM erweitert thematische Aktienpalette um All China Fonds und holt lokale Marktspezialistin an Bord

AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) hat den AXA WF Framlington All China Evolving Trends Fund aufgelegt.

January Investment Strategy - Reining in animal spirits

The world economy is breathing better but is not ready for a sprint.

Iggo's insight - Cautiously Optimistic

It’s been a very solid start to the year. The “risk” dial has been turned down and investors seem happy to be in the momentum trade. The Q4 earnings season is underway and the optimists will point...

Aktien-Hausse: Wo Anleger noch investieren können

Weltweit notieren sowohl die Aktienmärkte als auch festverzinsliche Wertpapiere auf Höchstständen und haben Investoren eine zweifellos überraschende Wertentwicklung beschert.

Data privacy: Trust is hard earned, easily lost

Personal data is the arguably the commodity of the 21st century. Over the past two decades, the monetization of personal data has fueled the rapid growth of internet-based technology companies.

Bank of England signals January rate cut

• Five members of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee have expressed dovish caution recently, suggesting a near-term easing would be appropriate if economic conditions weaken.

US-China: A silver lining in a strained relationship

A sudden rise in tensions has cast a dark shadow over Sino-US relations. While the trade war has been the most eye-catching instance, increased “decoupling” has also occurred in areas of...

Iggo's insight - Growth better, returns maybe not.

Lower global interest rates and renewed central bank balance sheet growth helped deliver great returns across bonds and equities in 2019.

Andreas Hecker ist neuer Head of Wholesale für Deutschland und Österreich bei AXA Investment Managers

AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) hat Andreas Hecker mit Wirkung zum 2. Januar 2020 als Head of Wholesale für Deutschland und Österreich ernannt.

Godefroy de Colombe ist neuer Global Chief Operating Officer bei AXA Investment Managers

AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) hat Godefroy de Colombe mit Wirkung zum 16. Januar 2020 zum Global Chief Operating Officer ernannt.

Just Transition: Managing the social impact of a low-carbon transition

‘Just transition’ is the name given to an emerging concept taking into account the social impact on these workers and communities of transitioning to a low-carbon economy.

A European Climate Emergency Fund

The European Commission estimates the transition to a “low CO2” economic model would entail an investment effort of around 1.5% of GDP annually until 2030. This calls for creating a new long-term...

ESG and intangibles: Driving value creation across companies

Demonstrating the value of robustly integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investing is critical to the success and credibility of responsible investment.

How are established global financial institutions investing in technology?

Changing consumer behaviour has led to global financial institutions (GFIs) investing more in technology.

Financing brown to green: Guidelines for Transition Bonds

Financing the fight against climate change needs to shift up a gear and evolve. Since the introduction of green bonds, capital markets have made great strides in recent years to ensure that...

Fintech: So verändert die Konsolidierung den Zahlungsabwicklungssektor

In der Zahlungsabwicklungsbranche war in den vergangenen Jahren eine enorme Konsolidierung zu beobachten.

Multi-Asset Investments views – January 2020 – Our investment views for 2020

We continue to overweight equities as positive developments (Central banks easing, Trade war, Brexit) release some pressures and should allow global growth to navigate a soft landing in 2020

December Investment Strategy - It is getting (a bit) clearer

Good news on two major headwinds which defined 2019: trade war, and Brexit.