Tomorrow Augmented The changing climate for sustainable investment

This Decade of Transition series looks at how environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment will play a fundamental role in achieving a more sustainable future

Evolving Economy - What investors need to know about the clean economy

Governments, companies and consumers are assessing their environmental practices and developing new solutions, as the impact of climate change takes its toll on the planet.

RI - EU Taxonomy: a pathway to superior corporate sustainability

Climate change is arguably the greatest challenge the world currently faces.

Iggo's insight - A view from the markets – Sunny with distant clouds

The world remains almost perfect for equities. Growth is strong and earnings are rising.

Global Factor Views - Real rates and factor performance

US 10-year Treasury yields have risen by more than 0.70% so far in 2021.

Research - China: Financing the Green transformation

How green bonds can drive Beijing’s sustainability ambition

Tomorrow Augmented Why green energy is nowhere near bubble territory

Rising valuations for clean energy companies highlights the importance of fundamental analysis and a considered view

Research - The inflation outlook: What’s changed?

US stimulus makes a sustainable, gradual inflation rise more likely

Iggo's Insight - Super greed

Unbridled capitalism has its limits. This has been confirmed by football (soccer). Customers (fans) have been deprived of fully enjoying the product for the last year and the suggestion that it...

AXA IM benennt Fonds um, um verstärkt in sozialen Fortschritt zu investieren

AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) benennt den AXA WF Framlington Women Empowerment Fund um.

Research - April Op-Ed - The return of inflation is a US story

Inflation expectations in the US non-financial sectors continue to rise. However, we think a post-covid inflation regime change is not obvious, and if it materialised would remain limited to the US

Research - How can President Biden tackle Climate Change?

The challenges Biden will face in reducing greenhouse gas emissions

RI - Green bonds: How active management aims to make the most of a dynamic sector

The market for financing linked to environmentally friendly projects and companies is heading rapidly towards the $1trn mark.

RI - Climate Alignment Principles: How to invest in line with a +1.5˚C goal

As efforts to deliver on the Paris Agreement galvanise, investors are beginning to
switch from simple commitments to tangible actions.

RI - Impact investing: How private and listed markets offer choice for investors seeking positive change

There is demand for ESG to go beyond basic integration, towards positive impact

RI - Green bonds market expected to top the $1trn mark in 2021

Despite the year’s myriad of challenges, 2020 represented a huge step forward for the green bond market.

Tomorrow Augmented COVID-19: Accelerating the energy transition and driving climate-friendly investment opportunities

Global lockdowns have had a positive impact on the environment. But will the crisis help accelerate the transition towards renewable energy, and what might the investment implications be?

AXA IM erweitert US-High-Yield-Angebot mit kohlenstoffarmen Fonds

Der AXA WF US High Yield Low Carbon Bonds Fund soll Anlegern eine umweltbewusste Möglichkeit bieten, in den US-High-Yield-Markt zu investieren.

Macrocast -Global Imbalances Redux ?

We don’t think Europe can easily emulate the US and engage in a massive fiscal stimulus. More emerging countries are hitting the limits of their policy space.

Macrocast #84 - The cost of dominance

The high level meeting between US and Chinese officials last week was acrimonious.