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6. Dezember 2019

Lebanon in the eye of the storm

Lebanon is experiencing its largest street protests since the end of the civil war. The country is struggling with economic stagnation, and its fractious and corrupted political system has failed to ...

6. Dezember 2019

ESG and intangibles: Driving value creation across companies

Demonstrating the value of robustly integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investing is critical to the success and credibility of responsible investment.

6. Dezember 2019

A view from the markets – UK set for stability

Politics will remain a key driver of market volatility in the coming year given a new UK government, the US election and potential political change in Germany. Yet beyond these events, the medium-ter ...

3. Dezember 2019

Investment Strategy

Cautious optimism on global growth may finally be the catalyst for some US dollar weakness in 2020.

3. Dezember 2019

Emerging Markets – tomorrow is another day

Growth has been weak in 2019, hurt by the US/China trade war and a series of idiosyncratic issues for countries such as India, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and South Africa. We expect some rebound in 20 ...

3. Dezember 2019

UK – Life after Brexit

Growth in 2020 will reflect a trade-off between economic uncertainties and degrees of fiscal easing in a range of scenarios.

3. Dezember 2019

Japan – The land of the rising sun… and falling growth

Japan is likely to face an economic downturn in 2020, impacted by both sluggish external demand and negative pressure from this year’s sales tax hike.

3. Dezember 2019

China – Entering sub-6% growth amidst trade truce

A structural slowdown will take the Chinese economy into a new chapter of sub-6% growth, starting in 2020

3. Dezember 2019

U.S. – Dropping below stall speed

Uncertainty over trade policy and the 2020 Presidential Elections are key unknowns in determining the US outlook for the coming years.